Our museum’s artefact and photograph collection contains unique material about the history and the present day of Finnish ice hockey. It consists of over 30 000 objects and over 300 000 photographs. Our collection is being accumulated systematically and documented with diligence. It grows mainly through donations. If you posses material that might be fitting to our collection and are willing to donate it, please contact us. We are greatful of every offer. We also have a vast assemblage of ice hockey books and magazines. Large parts of our collections have been digitalized and can be seen by using Tampere museums’ Siiri-website. Siiri only supports Finnish at the moment, but please ask the staff of the museum to provide information regarding the collections.

Ice Hockey Yearbooks

The first Finnish ice hockey yearbook was edited by Aarne Honkavaara in season 1961-1962. In cooperation the Hockey Hall of Fame Finland and the Sports Museum of Finland have digitalized these yearbooks from 1961 to 1977.

      1961-62          1962-63         1963-64           1964-65

      1965-66          1966-67         1967-68           1968-69

      1969-70          1970-71         1971-72           1972-73

Match Reports of the Finnish Elite League 1951-1975

In addition the match reports of the Finnish Elite League from 1951 to 1975 have been digitalized. The original reports can be found from the archive of the Sports Museum of Finland.